Dreams of becoming a Hotel Owner?

For many of us the ultimate dream, be it a lifestyle choice or a retirement nest egg is to open a hotel. However, the recent past with Covid-19 and turmoil throughout the world has shown that the traditional model of bricks and mortar hotel building which cannot simply be picked up and moved has left many with their dreams destroyed. We at Navisyo Homes have the perfect solution.

Our stylish and comfortable self-sustaining floating units are easily available and quickly deployed, meaning that you can start to create your very own moveable eco-lodge with as many units as you want and no building permits, either off the grid or in more traditional hot spots. In fact, if you really wanted to, you can change your water venue scenery every year, with your pop-up floating hotel village.

Stylish Comfort

The Navisyo model, is a premium quality motorized home boat, with a sleek and sophisticated modern build – exclusively handcrafted by our exclusive avant-garde manufacturer and partner. These modern and stylish self-catering units, available in 2 or 3 bedroom (Q4, 2024) configurations, can comfortably accommodate up to 4-6 guests and are designed to promote fast and efficient housekeeping. The perfect units with which to create your state of the art eco-friendly hotel complex.

The Sustainable
Floating Hotel

Our top manufacturing designers have been working on an electric prototype and we are proud to announce that they are in the final design phase of the Navisyo model which will have electric propulsion, photovoltaic solar panels and batteries. The first electric units are expected to be available for delivery in 2024.

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Meet Us

Alexander Michaels
CEO & Founder
Navisyo Group

Chris LaManna
Vice President
Navisyo Group

Introducing Chris LaManna,
the Vice President of the Navisyo Group

He has dedicated his 35-year career to bringing his signature style to the retail and wholesale sectors of the luxury marine vessel industry. Launching his start in retail while still in his teens, Chris has owned, operated, managed and profitably sold 40 dealerships and yacht brokerages in the west coast, as well as developed eCommerce sites and new technology platforms that streamline, elevate and expedite sales and marketing efforts on a global scale. In tandem, he co-founded the MarineMax roll- up (NYSE HZO).

We're Building the Future of Motorized Homes on the Water: Navisyo Homes Progress Update!

The Navisyo homes’ team have been been working hard in the factory, and we want to show you our progress! Alexander Michaels, Founder & CEO, along with Chris LaManna (Vice President), led this tour. We will show the continuing expansion of the manufacturing facility as of May 2022, along with the amazing progress from the sales.

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